KN presents | Sorry for Laughing 

Opening: Wednesday, 6 August 2014, 7pm


Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen and Raphael Abrams

curated by

An Paenhuysen and Onika Simon

Sorry for Laughing was instigated by a picture found in an album by artist Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen, entitled “Laughter, Top of Tobu building roof in Tokyo, 1956”. It depicts four women and one man laughing. This private, intimate moment of laughter, of which the exact reason remains unknown,

became a template that Pedersen reenacted with family and friends, over and over again, like a ritual. Laughter is not only the most visible expression of happiness, it is also the surest way to undermine authority. In Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen’s work "Laughter" both aspects shimmer through.

Laughing is also an activity that sculpts the body. The opening of the mouth affects every part of the face, immediately modifying its character, as wrinkles line the surface and new contours stretch its profile. Then the body contorts, as limbs flail, the diaphragm contracts and the lower back aches with involuntary convulsions. Product designer and electronics engineer Raphael Abrams has reproduced the physicality of laughter with an open-source robot called Twitchie. Designed and sold as a do-it-yourself kit, Twitchie responds to touch with shivery vibrations, and imitates the behaviour of a small creature when you pick it up. Not only does this trigger laughter as a spontaneous reaction, it also manifests the moment when there is a warp in the body and delight in the mind.

The show Sorry for Laughing is the first part of a conversation between curators Onika Simon and An Paenhuysen. In this conversation Paenhuysen, who is rooted in contemporary art and Simon, who works across the design spectrum, make a proposal of interaction between an art piece and a

design object. With this curatorial exchange, art looks at the shape of society and irritates its boundaries, whereas design serves a purpose and stretches its limits. As an ongoing dialogue,

Simon and Paenhuysen explore the inner workings and public perceptions of both.

Fotos: Valerie Schmidt 

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