Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart - Berlin

Sept. 9, 2009 - Febr. 14, 2010

Curator of the space Someone Else with My Fingerprints, Wilhelm Schürmann, in the exhibition Die Kunst ist super!

Centered around the theme of influence, identity and transfer of identity, this collection does not distinguish between press photographs, publicity photos for films, fashion photography, science photography, documentation photography, etc. Since the history of photography consists mainly of photographs that were never intended to exist in an art context, the question that this exhibition introduces is: which levels of meaning and perception occur, when photographs from various sources such as these, enter the aesthetically charged domain of art? Which levels of meaning and perception occur when these photographs are taken out of there traditional context and placed in an often spontaneous and seemingly arbitrary combination? In this process, an image known as a photographic readymade can become a narrative document.

The theme of the collection is further defined by the notion of role models and followers. Gerhard Grönefeld’s work Junge Stockenten auf Holzente geprägt features three little ducklings blindly following a wooden duck. A portrait of Martin Kippenberger and his daughter, taken by Kippenberger’s wife, represent the range of interpretation possibilities that this exhibition offers, in asking the questions: Who seduces whom? Who forms whom? There is a fine line between seduction and ….

Another theme, the encounter of the masculine perspective with the feminine, is presented in Meg Cranston’s photograph someone else with my fingerprints, after which this collection was titled. A naked young woman, shown with her back towards the camera, is framed by finger prints, which turn out to be female finger prints enlarged to the size of those of a man.

The exhibited photographs were originally curated in 1997 by Wilhelm Schürmann in New York and presented under the title someone else with my fingerprints.An exhibition of photography curated by Wilhelm Schürmann

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