Wolfgang Müllerrr
Artist book presentation, 
arrangiert von Dr. An Paenhuysen
Freitag/Friday 6. März um 19.30 - 20.00  
Buchladen Kisch & Co.

Wolfgang Müller has a name that sounds not in the slightest degree artistic - at least in the Northern hemisphere. To have stuck with such an unartistic name, which the artist even claims to be a little proud of, might work as proof of his single-minded character. The extraordinary is so obvious in art, that the ordinary of Wolfgang Müller ends up being so much more interesting and complicated. Wolfgang Müller likes to translate his name into Icelandic when he is in Iceland making art as Úlfur Hróðólfsson or sometimes he transforms it into a mere sound by writing it down as Müllerrrr. 

MÜLLUNG, his latest publication at Hybriden-Verlag, is a neologism that associates Müller with “Müll” (garbage) whereas the suffix “-ung” indicates the result of an action. The action between Müller and “Müll” took place on a daily basis, particularly during that moment of lull - should it go or should it stay? - when sorting out the mail. The artist archived the letters that were on the hem between going or staying, in order to give value to something that never had any value, had lost it, or was bound to lose it. The final value is symbolized by MÜLLUNG’s hard cover in the color gold. MÜLLUNG consists of letters that you open and you wish you hadn’t, letters that you stopped reading after the first line, and letters that you never opened at all. It consists of letters that made a Herr into a Frau, and letters that made the difference between exhibition invitations and Christmas cards vanish into thin air. 

MÜLLUNG consists of things that have no value in society despite the time investment in their making being significant, and it consists also of things that are exactly the other way around. In short, the frontside and the backside of MÜLLUNG is Wolfgang Müller. Because he doesn’t like to be merely on the receiving end of things, the artist claims ownership following the principle that everyone has a navel and there’s no need to act as if you don’t. So he likes tidying up by adding touches here and there, and making proposals in the margins.

The result is on view in the shop window of Kisch & Co and you’re kindly invited to attend, and window shop for as long as you wish.

Oranienstr. 25
10999 Berlin



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