Die Frühperle, August 27, 2010

For ‘Girls, girls, girls’, a screening night in Neukölln’s popular die Frühperle café and art space, striking works by artists Rachel Rampleman and Sergio Roger are on show.

The focus of our selection of video works lies in the female body, marginal yet sexualized. 

New Yorker Rachel Rampleman’s three pieces (a german avant-premiere!) deal primarily with strong female personalities, freaks and superwomen at once, who challenge the common clichés of masculinity and femininity. Her ‘girls’ take over typically male roles of bragging about sex, being overly muscular or being a hard-metal rock star, both scary and captivating.

Working with found YouTube footage of frivolous amputees, Spanish and Berlin based Sergio Roger decontextualizes and examines this alternative in which the disabled female body becomes a sexualized object. 

curated by Charlotte Friling and An Paenhuysen

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