insitu Berlin

Part 1, „To Be Continued…“, curated by An Paenhuysen, 13.03. – 28.03.2015

Part 2, curated by the insitu team, 10.04. – 03.05.2015

Eli Cortiñas, Ingo Mittelstaedt and Sam Smith 

Check out my blog posts about my experiment in Literary Curating at insitu! 

For »Framework 6: parallelisms« insitu presents 2 exhibitions taking place consecutively and both featuring works by three artistic positions: Eli Cortiñas, Ingo Mittelstaedt and Sam Smith.

With the desire to draw out different threads between the multi-layered practices of these artists, insitu invited an additional curator to see how shifts of curatorial perspectives can produce different exhibitions and ideas while working with the same trio of artists. After the first part of the exhibition “To Be Continued…” curated by An Paenhuysen, it is now insitu’s turn to present their perspectives on this trio.

“To Be Continued…”, the first part of “Framework 6: parallelisms”, is an experiment in literary curating. It is inspired by the conversation that Paenhuysen had with the insitu team via the blog format, where each curator consecutively posted an image that was a response to the preceding one. The chain reaction/cadavre exquis method of this blog turned into a body of visual research on the work of Eli Cortiñas, Ingo Mittelstaedt and Sam Smith. Paenhuysen wrote a text based on this correspondence, which can be read as a loop. She then asked the artists to fill one blank page each by selecting a work that confirms, comments, opposes, ignores, hyper-affirms, or illustrates the text.

The exhibition “To Be Continued…” refers also to insitu’s concept of “parallelisms”, opening up the possibility for a continuation in the second part. A loop is a continuously repeated segment, whereas a parallelism employs a doubling or repetition while slightly changing the construction and therefore the meaning of the original paralleled concept. Within this Framework, An Paenhuysen provides a hint of a challenge to the insitu team – “What happens next?”

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