An Paenhuysen loves to blog about art.

She also writes for catalogues and magazines in both English and German:  

Various publications in Spex, Junge Welt, WhiteHotMagazine, Artslant, Contemporary And, Berlin Art Week Magazine, Sleek Magazine Online.

Contributions to exhibition catalogues like The End of the 20th Century. The Best Is Yet To Come, Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin (eds. Catherine Nichols and Eugen Blume) and Rachel Rampleman. Baby's on Fire (Linoleum Press 2015).

Book publications in Dutch, about the Belgian Avant-Garde, and in both German and English, co-edited with Wolfgang Müller: Gesture Sign Art. Deaf Culture/Hearing Culture (Martin Schmitz Verlag Berlin) and Pause: Valeska Gert (Hybriden Verlag). 

An teaches online courses on art criticism, creative forms in art writing, and vlogs, blogs and podcasts for Node Curatorial Center, Berlin. They published a first collection titled The Future Is... Science Fiction in Art Writing, which you can download for free. A new experiment in genre blending will be published early 2016. 


The Future Is... Science Fiction in Art Writing. A collection of art writings from the online course "Creative Forms in Art Writing" at Node Curatorial Center Berlin, edited by An Paenhuysen, 2015

Valeska Gert, co-edited with Wolfgang Müller (Hybriden Verlag 2013). 

Gesture Sign Art. Deaf Culture / Hearing Culture, co-edited with Wolfgang Müller (Martin Schmitz Verlag, 2012)

De nieuwe wereld. De wonderjaren van de Belgische avant-garde [PhD: A New World. The Wonder Years of the Belgian Avant-Garde] (Meulenhoff-Manteau, 2010) 

Paul Pfeiffer. The Saints (Kehrer Verlag, 2009)


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